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Delhi Development Authority - DDA

The Delhi Development Authority was created in 1957 under the provisions of the Delhi Development Act "to promote and secure the development of Delhi." Ever since its inception in 1957, Delhi Development Authority has pioneered the process of development in the city. A Master Plan was formulated by DDA in 1962, which ensured a balanced development of Delhi by creating new residential extension areas which were self-contained and provided a healthy and secure environment. The plan was revised in 1982 and now DDA is all set to meet the challenge of accommodating the needs of the projected population of 128 lakhs by the end of this decade with its comprehensive Master Plan for Delhi 2001.

DDA has played a vital role in the orderly-yet-rapid development of Delhi. The city has become the residence of choice for more than 11 million people and this number continues to increase.

DDA has so far acquired 67354.88 acres of land and out of which 59504 acres have already been developed.

  • 30713.95 acres developed for residential property.
  • 3250.45 acres developed for Industrial purposes.
  • 8890.70. acres developed for Horticulture purposes.
  • 10512.73 acres developed for Govt. & Semi Govt. & for other departments for providing public facilities.
  • 6583.31 acres for slum and JJ (MCD).
  • 5806.15 acres for Cooperative Societies (CHBS).
  • 281.91 acres for 100m Road Narela Project 2
  • 14.38 acres for 80m Road Narela Project
  • 87.50 acres for utilization in Delhi Noida Bridge
  • 1013.80 acres balance with DDA.
DDA provides convenient and decentralised commercial spaces and workplaces nearer to places of residence to make the life of its resident more convenient and comfortable.

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Invest in Indian Real Estate - Apartments/Flats - Houses - Office Space - Land
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