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What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui
is an ancient art of placement which enhances living in harmony with your physical surroundings. The proper name for Feng Shui is 'Kan Yu'. The word Feng Shui (pronounced "fong shway" or "fung shway") is Chinese and means "Wind" and "Water". Feng represents the Wind that carries the Ch'i (which literally means energy) throughout a space. Shui is referred to as the Water that meanders underneath the earth transporting Ch'i. Feng Shui as the art of placement is implemented by experts on the basis of how Ch'i or energy moves around your home, based on several entities - the position of your home, its environment, the shape of the house and your land, the compass location of each room within your home, the entrance to the room and the furniture in it, and many more entities, including the landscaping of the house.

As history reveals, in ancient China people believing in Feng Shui preferred living in house with hills behind to shield themselves from wind, and with a stream or any kind of running water in front of their house. It was believed that people who incorporated Feng Shui in their homes are more likely to be happy and prosperous. The practice of Feng Shui is about exploiting that vital force so as to maximize the positive effect of Ch'i and enhances the elements that orbit our senses. It is believed that Ch'i which is considered the life force that exists in all living things can have either positive or negative impact. Positive chi or positive energy is said to be created when your home is well ventilated and has enough of fresh air and light. Negative Ch'i is created whenever a portion of your home is neglected either by untidiness, ugliness and improper placement of entities. Therefore, Feng Shui emphasizes that no portion of your house should be neglected because it will encourage the flow of negative energy in that part of the house, and that the corresponding part of your life will suffer. To practice Feng Shui, 'Feng Shui Magic Square' is to be applied over the plan of your home.

Feng Shui has been stated as a Chinese form of 'Geomancy' or 'Earth Wisdom' which has evolved to be both a Science and an Art. While the scientific approach to Feng Shui comes from the calculations and methodology used in analyzing a property, the artistic aspect of Feng Shui is the wisdom acquired from performing a multitude of analysis and knowing the exact degree to which the results of the scientific analysis are set. In modern times, Feng Shui is implemented on the basis of the ancient principles where the concepts such as -- living in homes facing a stream has been replaced by constructing a water-body in front of the house. Landscaping is done with entities like waterfalls which are considered to bring prosperity.

Feng Shui which originated in China has now been accepted in a lot of countries including the West. And the belief is growing that if appropriately applied, Feng Shui recommendations can result in major enhancement in the life of the occupants of the property. Feng Shui which was in ancient times a closely guarded secret of the Imperial family of China are now used commercially. Feng Shui nowadays are used in homes, restaurants, banks and even in communities which people believe would improve relationships, business and bring prosperity.

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