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Mall Space Rentals in Gurgaon
With increasing recognition of malls in Gurgaon as the umbrella of big brands, the drive occupancy or consumer footfalls are also increasing day by day. Ten years ago there was not even a single mall in India: whereas today it is anticipated that towards the end of 2010, India would be having more than four hundred operational malls.

Big retailers are losing hold over mall owners, who are no longer in awe or dire need of brand halos to drive occupancy or consumer footfalls to their glass-boxed shopping heavens. But despite of whatever notions prevalent, malls are gaining popularity especially among the younger generation with large disposable income. The last couple of years showed the trend when mall developers accelerated their business in mall development as retailing in India took a fresh turn and people with wider outlook are becoming accustomed to adorning the best brand.

A few years ago the rent of malls in Gurgaon, had gone down to Rs.80 per sq ft per month but today its sky-rocketing with prices like 250 - 400 per sq ft per month. The real estate residential prices are touching the sky after the success of these malls and the prices have increased from Rs.1200 per sq.ft to Rs.4000 per sq.ft. Big builders like DLF and Unitech are also coming up with amazing projects after witnessing such a positive response of public for malls.

Even the small time builders are now interested in making small malls and lending their most of the part on rent. Because of the increased commercial demand the mall space rentals in Gurgaon have increased by almost 60% in the past two years. One very significant fast fact about malls in Gurgaon is that return through rent on the investment in malls is highest among all segments like residential and office space.

Compared to all the mall-cities around the world, mall rentals in India are quite high. It is because of couple of reasons like the existing regulatory policy and operations of too many speculative investors in the industry. The retail space in malls of Gurgaon is undoubtedly going astronomical. The rent rates in the malls of Gurgaon are touching are touching the sky, however the rates mentioned are excluding the common area maintenance.

But nothing has been able to influence the mall craze in Gurgaon, which is evident from the statistical figure which refers to over a dozen malls being already functional in the area and another dozen malls is at the planning stage.A few of the well-known operational malls in Gurgaon are - MGF Plaza, Sahara Mall, Mega City mall, City Centre, Metropolitan Mall, Ambi Mall, Central on MG Road, Centrum plaza, Gold Souk and soon to be operational Vatika City Market. Out of these, Ambi Mall is the biggest mall in Gurgaon with more than 1 km. shopping on each floor.

Theme Malls or Specialty malls is the new trend adopted by the promoters and developers of the mall culture so as to create a niche among the clutter of malls. As per the business strategy, developers are focusing on developing theme malls thereby, increasing footfalls in the malls. To spread the risk, mall owners are forming alliance with Hotels chains and corporates to come up with Hotels and office space within the malls. A few other concept malls are also coming up in Gurgaon in the coming days like the 'Wedding Malls' which definitely will offer new opportunities for mall space rentals in Gurgaon. DLF will also be coming up with one of India's biggest mall: The Mall of India, located on NH-8 in DLF City, phase 3.

Apart from the Malls, local retail market areas like DLF Galleria, Central Arcade, Sushant Vypar Kendra etc are also doing well.

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