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KMDA - The Development Authority of Kolkata

is today at point of large scale economic rejuvenation and to help in a multitude of developmental challenges for the future are the planners or the development authority of the city - KMDA. It is the statutory planning and development authority for the Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA) and is mainly involved in planning, promoting and developing the KMA. Given that the KMA covers an area of 1,785 sq. km. and a population of around 14 million, plan implementation has been a massive task. KMDA has a competent multi disciplinary team, comprising of engineers, planners, social scientists etc. who are responsible for crafting the city's urban regeneration and providing a quality enriching living environment.

KMDA plays a multi disciplinary role which involves:

  • City planning
  • Sculpting new areas and townships in Kolkata
  • Developing physical infrastructure like roads as well as providing basic services like water supply, drainage, waste management and sanitation
  • KMDA is also the Technical Secretariat to Kolkata Metropolitan Planning Committee (KMPC)
  • Preparation of perspective and master plans and formulation and execution of project proposals, besides carrying out land use and development control functions.
  • Health care and employment generation among urban poor

KMDA has made strategic planning for Metropolitan Development (1900- 2015) for both overall and sectoral development where major projects along with preliminary cost estimates were provided. This Plan later formed the basis of the Kolkata Megacity Program which is now under implementation. KMDA has also finalized a perspective plan for 25 years titled 'VISION-2025' where a Master plan for 25 years for traffic and transportation, water supply, drainage, sewerage and sanitation has been drafted.

KMDA is also a housing development authority which undertakes housing development through out Kolkata. It provides houses to different strata of classes according to their need and budget. In the last five years, it has completed 10 housing projects worth Rs 140.61 Crore and work on 8 projects is in progress.

KMDA has also developed commercial complexes in Kolkata at Sealdah, South End Conclave and Barrackpur; and work on commercial complex at Salt Lake is in progress. It has also been taken up specialized projects like the India Population Project, Kolkata Slum Improvement Programme and Ganga Action Plan to name a few.

The KMDA has in its 30 years put in a noble effort to upgrade the existing infrastructure and in providing newer urban infrastructure and services to the changing infrastructure of Kolkata.

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