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About the City Mumbai

, formerly known as Bombay, is the capital of the state of Maharashtra, and the most populous city of India. Mumbai is India in microcosm in the true sense as it represents all facets of modern India. Once a humid tropical archipelago of seven islands, today it's a teeming metropolis and commercial hub of one of the world's most promising economy. This city is aptly called the commercial capital of India as forty percent of India's taxes come from this city alone.

This city of Skyscrapers is also known as the city of opportunities where people from all walks of life come to realize their hidden dreams. Nearly thirteen million people live here which includes wealthy industrialists, flashy film stars, internationally acclaimed artists, workers, teachers, brokers, businessman. They come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and speak over a dozen tongues adding colour, flavour and texture to the Great Mumbai Melting Pot.

Mumbai has a deep natural harbour and the port handles over half of India's passenger traffic and a significant amount of cargo. Being the commercial capital of India, it houses important financial institutions, such as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and the corporate headquarters of many big Indian companies.

Mumbai is a popular destination for investors and it has attracted migrants from all over India and neighbouring countries as it offers immense business opportunities, a relatively high standard of living, making the city a potpourri of various communities and cultures.

Organized retail Space in Mumbai

Mumbai traditionally has a fairly flamboyant retail sector. It is because of the good living standards, professionalism and the influence of being the fashion capital. The only discrepancy was of not being organized.

Retail space in Mumbai

But the organized retail sector is gradually warming up as developers encouraged by the enormity; scope, success and scale of development are considering developing properties into strong retail bases. Recent trends indicate the shifting of the retail sector towards western and central suburbs due to the availability of industrial lands at affordable rates.

Also the government proposal of 51% FDI in single brand outlet in the retail sector has also changed the face of the retail industry. This will favor the Mumbai retail sector develop in terms of design concept, construction quality, providing modern amenities and a consumer-friendly environment.

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