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Kolkata, erstwhile Calcutta, the capital of West Bengal and an epitome of rich culture and creativity is one of the "most preferred" destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI) such as joint ventures and Real Estate investments in India. The realty sector of India is on an upsurge due to the conducive FDI policies so this is the best time to materialize a property deal in one of the most prominent and alluring cities of India.

Investment in Kolkata
Kolkata is India's largest city and one of the finest examples of cosmopolitan atmosphere. It's an emerging new age city which is gradually carving a niche for itself in the technological arena. So, if you've plans to invest in Kolkata, an extraordinary city, then you're in the right place as our site www.IndianGround.Com has tied up with India's best and world class builders, promoters, constructors and agents for providing you the ultimate Real Estate solution and best Property Deal.

Kolkata, one of the cheapest cities of India is largely a British creation and was capital of British India. Its rich cultural environment has attracted millions of people across the globe and it was home to literary stalwarts such as Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray, the filmmaker par excellence.

Kolkata welcomes everyone with open arms and this unique city serves as a platform where past and present smoothly coexists. Therefore as an investment perspective, Kolkata shows great promise as India has emerged as an across the board low cost base which makes it attractive enough for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and multinationals to relocate in the country.

Foreign investments in Kolkata promises high return on investments, as FDI policies in India are among the most liberal and attractive in emerging economies. So, invest in Kolkata, India and be a part of this culturally rich city.

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