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MNCs and Corporates in India

The industrial setting in India has been going through a phenomenal phase due to its sudden recognition as the global business hub for MNCs and corporates alike. Most of the premier globally networked industrial enterprises and corporate identities are fastly locating their base in new age India for better growth prospect.

The corporate friendly industrial policy has attracted a large number of multi-national corporations (MNCs) in the last few years to India. These multinationals have come here to set up industries either themselves or through franchise as the upgraded industrial policy of India offers competitive advantages to foreign investors.

India offers certain unique opportunities for investment which makes it a favorable investment environment. Most of the reputed global companies prefer operating in India rather than in China because of Indians' expertise in the English language and lower wage costs. India has an enviable pool of high quality, talented professionals and the largest population of English speakers outside the US. These vital factors have attracted a large pool of foreign manufacturers to India, the world's most preferred manufacturing hub.

With the removal of restriction on entry, diversification and expansion of multinational corporations in the past decade, India has become a gateway for progressive investors. Foreign direct investment in India up to 100 per cent equity in a business venture is being allowed on a wide-range of products. In this extremely liberal investment atmosphere, the benefits for MNCs and corporates are very high.

India, the software super power, houses a large number of IT Parks, Business Centers and SEZs to offer an unparallel global corporate atmosphere to its investors in prominent cities such as Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. These world class facilities make India the foremost choice for MNCs and Corporates.

Office-lease Trends in Tier II cities

As foreign investments in the IT and BPO sector keep flowing to India, there is a fair demand for office spaces which a chic international ambience. In Tier I cities like Delhi and Bangalore where developers have been catering to the demands for swanky office spaces the Tier II cities are no less comparable in design and quality.

Office lease trends in India

And with FDI being relaxed in the construction sector, there is a healthy competition amongst developers for on quality and has brought inevitable acceleration

OK in construction activities. The concept of hard option where the first right to lease office space at a future time is given to an existing tenant is a major attraction for investors in The Tier I and II cities.

The cost advantages in the realty sector presently lies with the Tier II cities where the realty prices are less in comparison to the metros due to easy availability of land and the government’s promotion of SEZs as more investors enter the market, the lease trends show an increase by 25% - 30% in Tier I & II cities over the next 3 years.

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